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Corporate Membership

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Why you should become a Corporate member of IHI

The International Hospitality Institute is a global advocacy, training, and standards organization for the hospitality industry. IHI is committed to promoting excellence in the hospitality industry worldwide.

Supporting our global initiatives at the International Hospitality Institute (IHI) means joining a mission-driven organization dedicated to raising the bar in the hospitality industry through advocacy, training, and setting industry standards. Your support will play a crucial role in advancing the hospitality industry by helping to shape a brighter future for the world of hospitality.

Corporate Memberships are for companies that are directly involved in the hospitality industry. These include hospitality brands, companies that own or manage hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, airlines, casinos, clubs, retirement communities, theme parks, bed and breakfasts, peer-to-peer lodging, hospitality schools, colleges, and universities offering hospitality degrees and courses.

 Corporate Membership Benefits

1. A 1-page feature or advertorial in two issues of the Global Hospitality Magazine OR a 2-page feature in one issue of the magazine. You may choose to have a company leader or the company featured. The magazine is published quarterly and circulated to 200,000+ members of the IHI global community.

2. A customized digital magazine cover feature for the company leader, if the leader is notable.

3. Five hard copies of Global Hospitality Magazine for each publication you are featured in (shipping fee is not included for locations outside the USA). 

4. 20% Corporate employee discounts on IHI's products and services.

5. Two annual spotlight posts on IHI's social media platform of your choice featuring your company or an individual.

6. Up to 5 complimentary job posts quarterly on IHI's social media platform of your choice.

7. Up to eight Professional Certifications for qualified employees annually. IHI's certifications are professional certifications that work as a credentialing system for the hospitality industry and serve as a valuable indicator of an individual's expertise, knowledge, and skills in a particular field. IHI certifications add value to your organization because they are practical,

 Professional Certifications Included with Membership: 

  • Certified Hotel General Manager (CHGM)
  • Certified Food and Beverage Manager (CFBM)
  • Certified Hotel Operations Manager (CHOM)
  • Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Manager (CHHM)
  • Certified Front Office Manager (CFOM)
  • Certified Rooms Division Manager (CRDM)
  • Certified Restaurant Operations Manager (CROM)
  • Certified Hospitality Finance Director (CHFD)
  • Certified Executive Chef (CCHE)
  • Certified Revenue Management Specialist (CRMS)
  • Certified Digital Marketing Director (CDMD
8. Up to ten complimentary Professional Development Courses (AHI) annually for employees:
  • Cost Management for Hospitality
  • Culinary Essentials
  • Digital Marketing by the Big 4 Hotel Brands
  • Digital Marketing Essentials
  • Engineering/Facilities Management (Food and Beverage Operations)
  • Financial Management for Hotels
  • Food and Beverage Operations Management
  • Food Safety and Food Handling Operations
  • Human Resources Essentials
  • Introduction to Revenue Management
  • Reputation Management for the Hospitality Industry
  • Restaurant Accounting Management

About IHI's Certifications: 


IHI's professional certifications work as a credentialing system for the hospitality industry and play a pivotal role in serving as a valuable indicator of an individual's expertise, knowledge, and skills in a particular field. These certifications hold immense importance for both individuals and employers alike. For individuals, credentials provide a means to validate their competence, enhance their professional credibility, and demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and growth. By acquiring industry-recognized certifications, individuals can distinguish themselves from their peers, increase their employability prospects, and open doors to new career opportunities.


Employers can benefit from IHI's credential certifications as they provide a reliable and standardized measure of applicants' capabilities. Certifications enable employers to make informed hiring decisions, ensuring that candidates possess the qualifications and expertise to excel in their respective roles. Moreover, organizations often rely on certified professionals to uphold industry standards, promote innovation, and maintain a competitive edge. Credential certifications serve as a valuable currency in the modern job market, empowering individuals and enabling organizations to thrive in an increasingly specialized and dynamic world.

 For additional questions, feel free to contact IHI at